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Our restaurant has a homely atmosphere that is different from a restaurant or bar.
We offer a wide variety of drinks.
Homemade dishes by the owner of Ten-Coo. We offer locally sourced ingredients.

appetizerappetizer☆A cup of conversation!
 Table charge: 1,000 yen (appetizer included)
☆While picking a little bit

 Snack course 3,000 yen
☆Eat heartily
 Meal course 5,000 yen


Delicious seasonal ingredxientsDelicious seasonal ingredxients◆Today's recommendation 600 yen~
 We have a wide selection of fish and meat.
 Examples: Kasuzuke, overnight dried (local order),
 Nepal gyoza, hamburger, etc.

◆Miyaji pork curry 1,500 yen
◆Dry snacks 600 yen~


Have a fun time together with alcohol◆Draft beer 700 yen
◆Bottled beer 800 yen
◆Original shochu (potato/barley) 700 yen
◆Blue chu (Aogashima specialty) 800 yen
◆Sake 800 ~1,500 yen
◆Whiskey 700 yen~
◆Soda is +100 yen
◆Glass wine 800 yen
◆Bottle wine 4,000 yen~
◆Soft drink 600 yen

☆Service charge 10%☆Consumption tax
☆Please feel free to make any requests.Please ask for details when making a reservation.

Common room Ten-Coo
Address : Fujimura Building 1F,
8-1 Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone (store) 03-3359-2284

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